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Our History

Denton Creek Farm Legacy
Past, Present, Future

Go outside, children, face the wind;
Rush to where your dreams begin.
Inhale the flavors on the air;
Savor the wonderful things that are there.

On to the pond – look! There’s a big ripple
Where a fish has found a bug to nibble.
The one duck and the geese are at the pond’s edge
Eating a meal of cattails and sedge.

Run down to the kennels to check on the dogs.
They’re all sound asleep stretched out like logs.
A good loud whistle would cause them to wake
So please keep quite and their siesta not break.

Go through the barn to where the hay grows,
And on to the creek where cool water flows;
Go around the bend where Indians once played
Leaving bits and pieces of things they made.

Turn back to the west toward your home;
Walk over the land where Caddoe’s did roam
And where they and the Wichita hunted from game.
Quiet! The wind may whisper some brave’s name!

Hear the rustling grass breathe the name of a maiden
Who once walked here with arms heavy laden,
With food to be cooked over the fire and to be eaten,
Or animal skins soft from being beaten.

Look! In front pasture – there – on the hill!
Whee! The horses – not one’s standing still!
Tails and manes flowing, heads tossing high,
They’re rearing and bucking and speeding on by.

Across the front pasture to the back road entry,
Past the mock battle field and cedar tree sentry.
Follow the road to the cattle guard;
Cross over to be in your own backyard.

Children, cherish your home with its rich history
Of rustlers and Indians and the Hanging Tree.
Create new memories of your time on this land.
When you leave, entrust it to the Great Father’s hand.

By LaRee Overstreet Calame